Saturday, December 28, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

Wishing all a very Happy New Year 2020.

My very best wishes to all,

Note:     This will be my last post of 2019.  I wish to thank all the regular visitors to my blog as well as those who drop by for a visit from time to time as well as those who have just discovered it.  Many thanks for stopping by to visit, reading my posts and commenting.  Next year will be my tenth year of blogging.     I hope to release more of my insights, poems, quotations, discourses, guest posts  and other things of interest to myself and others.    I truly wish that you have taken some comfort, some inspiration and perhaps gained some new insights into yourself and the world around you.   This has been my intentions from the start.   Remember, God helps those who help themselves.  Be good, be well and honor your agreements.   Lend a hand if and when you can.   Seek sanity and kindness and sense in an insane and cruel world that often makes no sense at all and you just might by the Grace of God find it.  


John M said...

I wish you a happy new year.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Have a great Year Ahead, John M.

Kindest regards,