Friday, February 22, 2019

Twin Suns Of Carrola Book Review and Recommendation by M.N. Hopkins

I have just finished reading the Twin Suns of Carrola, the second book in the Starshatter trilogy and found it to be an excellent read and even better than the first book in the trilogy.  In the first book, the characters were introduced and in this one, they were developed into characters that you cheer for and hope for their survival during intensive battle scenes.   The Black Knight is truly a gifted story teller and author.    It is as if this is his calling to write about traditional values such as courage, loyalty and sacrifice that are the finest attributes of our humanity and the building blocks of the human experience.

I can highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fantasy and/or science fiction fan.  This book will not disappoint.  

M.N. Hopkins

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Mathew Naismith said...

To sacrifice yourself for the good of all is not sacrificial but freedom from the futility of sacrificing yourself for the good of a few.