Sunday, December 17, 2017

RIP Bechir

RIP Bechir 

Bechir was an alternative journalist going after MSM journalists in Sweden using their methods. He turned the table on them. He is well known and well loved in Sweden. He exposed some information on a very famous journalist in Sweden and his George Soros connection. He was found dead in his home a few days later. No cause of death know or released to the public. Some on you from Norden know of him. He started a Facebook group called, White Girls Matter. Did this because he was a father with daughters and wanted to shed some light on the growing rape epidemic in Sweden and give some support to the girls who get no help from the authorities. Rather are attacked, shamed and ridiculed as the rapists are protected. I just wish to let you know of him. A friendly helpful guy who went against the party line knowing the consequences and never backed down. 

The three words at the bottom of the meme translate to: Truth before everything or Truth above all.

To see Behir's investigative reporting work click on the link below which explains his work in English and has 3 videos with English subtexts:

Update:   19 December 2017

News of Bechir is speaking.  He is making international news now.  The latest story for English speakers is below:

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