Thursday, November 16, 2017

When You Vibrate With The Pulse Of Nature - An Insight by Magnus Ericsson

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När du vibrerar på samma nivå som naturens inneboende puls så känner du dig lugn i sinnet och din kropp känns avslappnad.

Det är endast då som kroppens självläkande mekanismer kan göra sitt jobb till fullo, och då kommer din kropp, och ditt sinne, att börja läka sig själva.

©  2017  Magnus Ericsson


Karen Lee said...

When we are connected to the oneness and natural perfection our ego subsides, the illusion of separateness dissolves and we recognize our true nature. From this place of infinite stillness we let go of all states that come and go, anchored in divine source of our eternal being.

Magnus said...

Nice wisdom Karen. I absolutely agree what you saying. This quote just had a slightly different emphazising on the importance of vibrate with earth for physical health. It doesnt mean one cannot be connected to one's source, only that not being connected to earth will be troublesome for one's health longterm from what I believe.

Just as an example: I met a person a few months ago, she works as a healer. I liked her vibration and she says she feels in such a flow, connected with the oneness and her source when she works. And I do belive she does. Yet her physical body was quite severely ill, her body was more or less like a wreckage. But just by switching her state from being constantly in this "etheric vibration" to vibrate with the earth she says that after a few months of taking time off from work to just practice this (and going from eating vegan to eating animalistic foods) she has for the first time since a long time ago started to feel that she gradually has gained her strenght, health and physical body back.

But the true inspiration that had me write this was that people are so unbelievably stressed today - so many people's bodies and nervous system's vibrate like a computerserver - and then health cannot be present in the body. I believe animals are the best example of whole beings on this planet. The are utmost spiritual and connected to their source and have great intuition, yet they are connected to the earth and that inherent instinct that follows of when to eat, rest, sleep, play, mate with each other etc. 100% connected to their bodies and the earth. And I think that is crucial in order to live in the physical realm for optimum health. Then one day we all go back Home to our source and the infinte stillness and then we dont have to bother about the laws of the physical realm anymore :)

Sagar said...

 I just read you blog, It’s very knowledgeable & helpful. Keep sharing info like this.