Thursday, October 12, 2017

Calling All Healers - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

As we become sick

The remedy will arrive

Calling all healers

© 2017 M.N. Hopkins

Note:  I wrote this after 2 days without water and 4 days without food after my strength began to return.  It’s no fun being sick in bed.  I published this poem for the first time today on my blog.  The 12th of October,  2017.


Magnus said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. Being severe sick for a long time is never fun!

Last years I have started to become very interested in "old-school" osteopathy. That's osteopathy back when it all started and how it was intended to be by the founder Andrew Still. Back in those days (late ninteenth century) they treated all kind of diseases, from fevers, to backache to asthma to lung infections, and even tumours. The founder Dr. Still said he discovered osteopathy a day in June 1874 when he realised the body is a perfect constructed structural machine engineered by the creator, and when all the body's structures - vessels, veins can work freely, free of obstructions from any bone, muscles or ligaments - disease cannot be present in the body. "Just align the body structurally and Nature will take care of the rest" as he told students over and over again (Later in his older years he told close friends that he didn't really discovered it at all but was given the information from another dimension from some beings who had said "we have a theraputic method to offer to you that will be very beneficial to mankind)

I have only a small expereince from treating people with colds or fevers. There has been no miraculsously improvements but they say they experience a small immediate positive reaction and some immediate relief and they say they even felt they recuperate a little faster back to normal health than they normally would do without treatment. But considering the founder of osteopathy claimed he can treat a normal fever and make it go away within a few hours or a day I don't doubt the principles, only my limited experiences

Unfortunately only a small percentage of osteopaths today considering the broad opportunities osteopathy have, and it is even less taught in schools nowadays. I guess the reason is that there is a huge need among modern osteopaty to be "accepted" by the medical society. And being accepted (and not offend any doctors or medical professors) is sometimes much more important than to teach and learn what is best to mankind (and hence a whole profession slowly seem to forget what osteoapthy was all about from the beginning. Like a religion that seem to worship the religion and church itself but forget to read what the "saint" or "prophets" actually said back in the days). And then Dr. Still so often spoke about the body as a divine creation of an uttermost intelligent source of engineering, and also said "drugs are just fatal and ignorant things to give to any clients regarding what kind of disease" - he seems to be less and less popular to even talk about in schools and society nowadays.

So if you will be sick again any day and feel you would benefit from some osteopathic treatment, feel free to call and I come by!
(and if anyone reading this ending up sick someday - dont hesitate to contact an osteopath close to you, if they have studied the old-time osteopathy the know what to do to benefit the body's recovery process (which basically is "free any blood vessel and nerve from any obstruction so circulation can work at its optimum and the body's self-healing mechanism will take care of the rest".

And if anyone would be interested to learn more about the founder of osteopathy and what osteopathy was about from the beginning I can highly recommend this book

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks for the kind offer Magnus. I am much better now.

Kind regards,