Monday, September 11, 2017

Those With A Bright Light - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Those with a bright Light

Can be beset by darkness

Always shatterproof

© 2017 M.N. Hopkins

Note:  The inspiration for this poem came to me after viewing the above image.  The first line of this poem came to me directly and I spent a few hours after writing the next two lines.  I wrote it in the Haiku form of poetry which I believe makes one think and come to one's own unique insights.  I also thought about it some more and came up with a second version of the same poem by substituting one word in each of the lines giving it a slightly different meaning.

I have published both of these two poems for the first time on my blog today,  11 September 2017.

Click on the link below to read the first version of this poem to see if it gives you different feelings or insights:

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