Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mind Cannot See Love - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Mind cannot see Love

Which is not within it’s view

Only reflections

© 2017. M.N. Hopkins

Note:  I wrote this poem being inspired by the movie called, The Shack which I highly recommend.   I am publishing it today for the first time on my blog today,  20 June 2017.  I do like the medium of haiku.  So few words that have the ability to reveal so much if properly ordered.


Anonymous said...


David M.

Mathew Naismith said...

Very good point Mike, how could a true sense of love become aware to the ego mind?

It's been there recently for me to write about how the ego mind isn't aware of all it experiences. How often does a child's ego mind, especially in adolescence, refute the full existence of their parents love and affection? They are often quite unaware, especially when the parent/parents are in a teaching mode, in other words preparing the child for adulthood trials and tribulations.

How often is the macho ego mind of an adult not fully aware of their partner's full love, affections and feelings? How aware is an egoistic female?

My wife or I make a mess in the house; it matters not who cleans it up because it's always our mess. A true sense of love is binding, a false sense of love is separating. Love and light is a prime example of this separation from dark, of course the dark is only as negative as the light perceives. In a lot of couple's relationships, a mess made by the other partner is seen as a negative so they don't clean it up or clean it up under protest. My wife and I have a neutral existence/relationship, everything is neutral with no separation of negative or positive, dark and light, within this, we become aware of the experiences beyond the egos control.

These experiences are there but the ego mind either doesn't become aware of them or turns them it something the ego mind relates to. The ego mind is seemingly unable to comprehend anything it can't relate to so these experiences are either not noticed or they are turned into something the ego relates to. In this sense of turning an experience into something the ego can relate to is of deception.

We all experience so much, especially the experiences that are not picked up through the five senses. People like you and I are very lucky Mike.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Indeed we are Mat. Thanks for taking the time to wrote such a thoughtful comment.

Kindest regards,

Magnus said...

Nice poem!

and hello Mathew!

Interesting comment but to add to your quote "aware of an parents full love or aware of an partner's full love" - well I can just see things from my experience and I can only see from what I see in this world and that is that most people have no idea what true love is anyhow.

And I am sure you didnt' mean it this way - I am glad you are lucky for your journey - but don't forget the about 7 billion other people who are as lucky to be on a spiritual journey as well. Becuase I beleive that noone is left out and there is no short-cut for anyone on the journey. You might think when you see people that they are not on a journey or blocked off completely from a higher sense of consciousness - but indeed - that is just from the view of the beholder. When I see children I guess I can see in early age when they seem to loose connection to their true origin -the divine being they were they day they were born. But imagine a person being born into a family where they only "isms" that is idolized is "atheism" and "matierialism" - where the child from the day one will be repressed from spending time in nature or with animals - instead sitting all day in front of TV or mindless toys or computer games - only to grow up to come to a school and classmates brought up the same way and continually get poison injected in their bodies. The indoctrination is neverending. It is of little wonder that this person when he/she beomes a young adult seem to be a person cut off from spirituality or having a blocked mind? But nevertheless - does this mean that this person doesnt have a spiritual journey? From my point it must be the aboslutely hardest spritual journey to take - to be born into a world and surrounding where you get totally sweeped away and deprived of all kinds of spirituality - taken away so far from your true origin, but to yet have the opportunity to find the way back to your Self. I am glad I didn't have to challenge that some children do but I try not to judge people that travels that journey.

But i think it is also there those people out in this world who are more spiritual awake can help - because indeed, if one meet a enlighted person - just a look or a touch on the shoulders can be all that is needed to plant a little seed into someone - a little rememberance of something someone has forgotten? And I believe that's why people like Jesus who wandered on earth in enlightenmen are still remembered - because they had this ability to awake something deeper within.

I believe divinty is available to everyone all the time. I believe it is a divine pulse in nature we all can tune into at anytime. But if one have never done it, how can one possibly find something one never knew existed? (Or say at least forgot it did exist).

I am sure you didnt mean you are one of the few one's having a spiritual journey on this planet - but I just wanted to add a broader perspective to the topic.