Friday, April 14, 2017

Without Suffering - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Without suffering

Without sacrifice

Without dedication

Without persistence

There will be no


There will be no


There will be no


Those who have




Have paved the way

For new tomorrows

Have made available

New opportunities

Have given us


Another chance

To redeem ourselves

To restore ourselves

To rekindle

The flame of freedom

To survive the onslaughts

The insults

The lies

Of those of dark determination

Who now control

Our Nations

Our Communities

Our Associations


Our time has come

As their time is over

Mankind awakens from it’s slumber

It’s death match is over


Free again

Free to say

We are Man

Under the rule of Self


Which is under the rule of God

Free of all isms

Walking together

Working together

For the betterment of all

For the continuation

Of human community

It was through sacrifice

It was through suffering

It was through persistence



That we have advanced as a species


Now advance


Will advance


Prosper and Thrive


©  2017   M.N. Hopkins

Note:  I started this poem a week ago during a moment of inspiration.  I have revised it a few times and finished it today on Good Friday, 2017.  I thought it a very appropriate time to publish it on this symbolic day of sacrifice and suffering.

1 comment:

Magnus said...

Thanks for sharing.

Good words, but I would say that it is indeed hard in this world, when whatever public institutions or media one turns his eyes towards, are supporting the current hidden agenda. I hope there is a divine plan of intervention because I think one doesnt have to go closer than to one's neighbour, college or person next door and they all belive "everything is fine, world is doing great, politicians will solve all problems and everything else is just crazy conspiracy-people trying to scare people".... so to find a solution from within this society - I would hope so but just cant see it happen. Even id a lot of wonderful cresture are born everyday to this world they are fastly destroyed...

But I dont doubt earth will be a good place someday - the way to get there might just be a little more rough and complicated seen through human perspective ;)

Couragoues and brave feeling about the poem though - thnaks!

P.S Havent heard much of the swedish terror attack in awhile. Remarkably how it accordingly will take "one year and hundreds of detectives" to investigate this crime when the suspected admitted already the same night. But maybe they will solve the swedish prime minister meanwhile... ;)

But thanks and I like the courageousness in the poem!

Kindest regards