Monday, December 26, 2016

Watch Genetic Roulette for Free (58 min) Until January 1, 2017

As you gather around with friends and family this holiday season, give them a gift that can change their lives. Use this link to watch the one hour version of Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives together. This award-winning film by Jeffrey Smith has convinced more people to avoid eating GMOs than any other film, book, TV show, article, or anything else for that matter.
Send this link to those you love with heart-felt encouragement for them to watch it before it expires at midnight on January 1. This is, after all, the time to make New Year’s resolutions. And eating non-GMO and organic should be at the top of the list.
Immediately after Jeffrey debuted the film in Los Angeles, a woman approached him with her 16-year-old daughter. She said, “I have been unsuccessfully trying to get my daughter to change her diet for years. Now, after seeing your film, she’s enthusiastically ready to make the change.” 
Right behind them was a woman and her husband who said the same thing about him.
People ask us all the time, “How do I get my family members and close friends to switch to non-GMO?”
The answer is simple. Let us do it for you. Have them watch the film.
You’ve got a week to share this with as many people as you can to spread the word and help change the world.
Ready, set, go…
We wish you and yours a happy healthy holiday season and new year!
Safe eating,
The staff at IRT

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