Friday, June 3, 2016

It Is So Simple And Yet You Find It So Hard - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

It is so simple and yet you find it so hard.  Break out from this prison of your own making and feel the the freedom that is all around you and within you.  Be not afraid.  No harm will come to you.

Grace is a gift to be shared with those who willingly wish this gift to be bestowed upon them.  We think of Grace as a Beautiful Being that seeks to share her wealth with others.  It is in Grace that all sins are healed and all wrong doings forgiven.

For, it is in Grace that miracles occur and continue to occur within your realm of dark and light.  For without Grace, would the human race have come to a halt countless centuries ago.  For without Grace, we would surely have a hell on Earth.

Grace takes the children in her loving arms and continues to reassure them that they will be loved and cared for one day, not just by Her, but by all others.

The gift of Grace to Mankind is a gift of love given freely and accepted freely.  For can terms be given when a mother holds her dear child in her arms and grazes upon him or her with kindness and with love and a hopeful optimism that one day this child will grow into a mature human being with the ability to create and substain a good and fulfilling life for himself or herself and others. 

For deep within the human consciousness there is still a hope that shines divine.  A hope in a better and brighter future not just for their own children, but for all children.

Now the children are neglected and suffer so the sorrows of others.  For many have forgotten the need to love and care for others in a kind and gentle way.  This goes agains't all common sense or good sense and this attitude has been growing in your societies.

We can see a future when this attitude is no more and people have a genuine and loving concern not just for the children, but for all others.  That will be a happy time and a time of deliverance from the sickness of today to the vibrant health of those of tomorrow.

Grace is for all, yet all do not recognize or receive this gift.  It is in Grace that all sins are healed.  Yes, this is true, but it is the person who wishes that this gift be bestowed upon him or her to make the effort and pray as a child with a quiet confidence that there is such a gift and this gift will be received.  For Grace is given freely when the person opens oneself in freedom to receive this gift of gifts.

For,  it comes from a higher source and penetrates and permeates the darkness that is within a man or a woman.  Once open to Grace, then there is a freedom from fear and a freedom to love both oneself and all others.  For when one's fear disappears, then there is no fear of others and what they may or may not do to you.  Without this fear, only that Self which is truly you remains and nutures and loves the false one that you call, ego.

Once one comes to one's rightful place as a ruler of one's life, then one begins to see oneself and others in a different way.  No longer as competitors, but now as co-operators.  For life truly is a co-operative effort by all involved in this game of humanity.  One no longer sees the other as a threat, but now as a working partner whose job it is to build a better world for all Mankind.

God offers this gift of Grace to Man, but few will accept it and be transformed from one of dark determination to one of light-hearted freedom from fear.  For, it is truly fear that is the great deceiver and destroyer of all that is good not only within oneself, but in all of Mankind.

 It is fear that chains one to the past and imprisons one's thoughts and emotions. 

When Grace comes, all fear desolves and the door to one's personal prison opens and the individual has a choice of the freedom to walk out into a world of unlimited possibilities or to stay within their prison of limited thinking and begin the expression of that which fears not the ego or the ego's of others.

For,  in love is there no fear and in a state of no fear, is there freedom to love.  To love one's self as a child and to love others as one would love oneself.

In freedom, one severs the chains that bind one to sickness, sorrow, and pain and one re-engages the connection to one's Soul, which connects one to God.  This begins the flow of these life giving and health giving thoughts and emotions--Love, kindness, and a peace that brings a comfort not only to yourself, but to all you come in contact with who are open to this possibility of living one's life from a place of freedom from fear and one's own self or ego created imaginary fears.

So we say to all who will listen.  Seek Grace and fear no more and be reborn into a world of love and light-hearted determination. 

 © M.N. Hopkins


Marsa Herod said...

Beautiful and well explained

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thank you Marsa.

Kindest regards,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are very welcome Martin.

Happy week,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to lift our spirits and remind us that "all is well," despite appearances.

Maggie Pym

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are very much welcome. Thank you for your kind words.

Best wishers,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael - Both articles are good. Cheers my friend - and be aware we are moving towards this major change for this planet due sometime within the first 3 months of 2017 - or so I've been 'told'. We'll see.