Tuesday, February 16, 2016

If You Don't Take Care Of Your Body.....Author Unknown


Magnus said...

Very true words!
Speaking of taking care of one'ss body, I had an extraordinary experience a few months ago I would like to share. It was actually at the gym, and it was a day I was a little worn out after a few months of too much stress. But I was doing an exercise and told myself, hey, you lifted much more 6 months from now - you can do it again. So I piled up some heavier weights and psyched myself up a little and very positively encouraged myself that I can do it, and suddenly - when I grabbed the bar - I "saw" this very thin thread of light above my head, a thred about 20-25 inches long - and in the middle of that thread was a quadrant of "light" attached - but angled in the other direction like the diamonds from the cardplay... and it all came down from above my head into my body as the speed of the lightning... And boom - I was so strong - I lifted the weight with joy and without really needed to strain myself, and afterwards I dropped the bar and stood up and straight and just felt - I am home... I am back - I felt whole. Marvellous feeling. The rest of the workout I felt immensely strong and I could handle heavy weights without even need to try that hard... Don't know quite what happended, but that evening and the day after I felt so at ease, I felt so strong, so grounded, so calm and life was so easy and joyful... unfortunately I had a client the day after that really left me drained and exhausted, and so then - that (good) feeling was gone, and haven't seen it since then, no matter how much I have tried... but anyhow, those few moments of wholeness is truly worth remembering anyhow even if it makes you crazy why it can't happen again.... ;)
And after that I realise that no training, no diets, no supplements in the world can make you feel that physical/mentally/emotionally strong as when something of "light" touches upon you and you feel physically whole...
If anyone else has had similar experience through physical activitiy or any other activuity, I would gladly hear, becuase I don't really understand what happened and why it's not happen again. And advices how to come back there again I would gladly receive as well ;)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, indeed Magnus.