Sunday, December 14, 2014

Organic Is Good For Kids

Foto: Just in case you're undecided, this great article by Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician, and Anna Lappé, co-founder of the Small Planet Institute and a nationally best-selling author, explains why organic is the best choice we can make for our families. The tide is turning. A recent poll from the Organic Trade Association found a sharp decrease in parents who say price is a key factor limiting their organic purchases. “Parents in charge of the household budget recognize the benefits of organic,” said the trade group’s Laura Batcha. “And they’re willing to pay a little more to know that they are giving their families the highest-quality and most healthy products being offered in their local store.” 

By definition, organics cannot be grown from GMO seeds. Organic agriculture does not use synthetic pesticides and our organic farmers work hard to avoid contamination from GMOs. Thank an organic farmer for doing what is best for our families and our environment. And plant a garden, grow your own. Let's take back control of our food. BOYCOTT Roundup drenched, pesticide producing GMOs. 

Note: Here is the link to the TIME magazine article. All of the statistics and data referenced in the article are supported with live links to the source information:


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