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Molokai MOM - Standing Up to GMOs

Molokai MOM - Standing Up to GMOs

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Published on Mar 20, 2013

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Mercy and her family live downwind from Monsanto's fields. After a dust storm her son falls ill. This sets Mercy on a search to understand why these GMO test crops are being planted on her island. Are the chemicals being used safe? Who are these biotech/ag companies and what are their practices? Mercy travels to Oahu and Kauai where she learns that she is not alone. Others across Hawaii and the world share her concerns and her vision for solutions.

A 30-minute video produced by Molokai filmmaker, Matt Yamashita.





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Follow the Money

WHO RECEIVED CAMPAIGN MONEY FROM BIOTECH COMPANIES? MONSANTO, DUPONT, DOW, SYNGENTA, BAYER and BASF etc. Large Biotech companies experimenting with GMO crops and seeds in Hawaii. Biotech Companies Are Against Labeling Food.

DEMOCRATS who accepted funds from GMO companies.
• David Ige, running for Governor, $1250
• Councilman J. Ikaika Anderson, over $17,000
•Mayor Kirk Caldwell,over $19,000
•Sen. Josh Green (D-3), $16,892
•Sen. Rosalyn Baker (D-6), over $18,000
• Joey Manahan (D-7) $,2000
• Rep. Kyle Yamashita (D-12), over $17,000
• Sen. Clarence Nishihara (D-17), $16,893; Opposes GMO labeling
• Rep. Mark Hashem (D-18) $1250
• Sen. Sen. Michelle Kidani (D-18), over $15,000.
• Sen. Clayton Hee (D-23), $20,850 sponsored bills to protect Biotech companies SB 3058 --
• Sen. Jill Tokuda (D-24) over $1500

Transparency! “People Have the Right to Know” SUPPORT LABEL FOOD

•Tulsi Gabbard (D-2) $.00 Supports Labeling Food
•Brian Schatz for senate $ .00 money

Duke Aiona, running for Governor $.00 Supports Labeling Food Eldean Kukahiko (D-48) $.00 money Kimberly Pine (D-1) accepted $3000
Mufi Hannemann, received over $60,000

This is a partial list.
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