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Psychiatric Drugs Abused—From The Cradle To The Grave by Brian Daniels

Psychiatric drugs abused—From the cradle to the grave

by Brian Daniels

Somerset News – UK,   8 March 2013

From the cradle to the grave, we are bombarded with dangerous psychiatric drugs. It’s unrelenting.

The latest news covers the use of anti-psychotic drugs prescribed to elderly patients in care homes.

It has been reported that elderly people in care homes, as opposed to those in the community, are 20 times more likely to be on anti-psychotic drugs.

Often taken into care, the reality of life in many nursing homes today is often far from the stylised image of communicative, interactive and interested elderly residents living in an idyllic environment.

By contrast, more often than not, the elderly of today appear submissive, quiet, somehow vacant, a sort of lifelessness about them, perhaps blankly staring or deeply introspective and withdrawn, often brought on by the use of anti-psychotic drugs.

This abuse is the result of the psychiatric profession maneuvering itself into an authoritative position over aged care. From there, it has perpetuated the tragic but lucrative hoax that aging is a mental “disorder”, a for-profit “disease” for which they have no cure, and which requires extensive and expensive psychiatric drugs.

The end result is that, rather than being cherished and respected, too often our senior citizens suffer the extreme indignity of having their power of mind nullified by psychiatric drugs or their lives simply brought to a tragic and premature end.

It’s time for change.  Common sense and decency should dictate that the last thing a fragile, anxious or vulnerable elderly person needs is the additional physical and mental stress associated with psychiatric drugs.


Citizens Commission On Human Rights International

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