Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New Dawn For Mankind - A Lovely Vision Of What Can Be

I was sent this video from my friend Michael in Denmark. It is truly a beautiful and artfully done video.

I do not know this Moongoddess 1961 person and I am not a big fan of this Ascension business at least in the way that it is persented by many. My view is this Acension is an individual matter and a natural process in evolution and results from decisions made and hard work and has happened for many visionaries over the centuries and is nothing new under the sun.

I will end with saying that I do admire Moongodess1961 for putting together such a lovely presentation of her beliefs. Well done. In the end it's not the words that matter but the new energies that result after the individual's transformation of one's thoughts and emotion and how this is projected out in our everyday living and our communities.

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