Monday, June 25, 2012

This Little Light of Mine - Sung by Addison Road

The Light shines bright, but you have forgotten to take off your blinders.  Open your eyes and open your hearts and come to realize that yours is the power of renewal and rebirth.

Pray for Light and the Light will come to you and do It's work of liberating self from the tyranny of ego and it's dark masters of deception.  Light brings with it not just a clarity of sight, but a clarity of thought uninhibited by outer influences.  Once these outward forces disappear then Man receives Counsel from Self, which is directed by Good.

Good nurtures and grows in Man as more Light enters to replace the darkness.  A natural process occurs as health of mind and emotion return and bring Man back into a natural state of being in which balance is present.  This balance will give Man a new found hope and optimistic view of the future.  For Man's future will be directed from Self and Goodness rather than from the prisons of the past.

Once free in thought, feelings will return.  Feelings of love, of joy, a calm assurance that all goes well and the road ahead will be filled with many happy occurrences.  This calm is contagious in a beneficial way and will bring others closer to their own calmness and certainty of Spirit.

M.N. Hopkins

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