Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy Homes - Southgate Debbie Fights Back

Americans stood up and said, "We have a right to shelter. No one can take that right from us." Today we re-occupied our homes.

Across the nation occupiers along with community groups shut down foreclosure auctions and reclaimed homes for families displaced by the global economic crisis. Two homes in Atlanta were re-occupied. In Oakland, foreclosure auctions were disrupted at the county courthouse - more than a dozen homes were saved.

We own our homes - a callous bank that split ownership of our homes into hundreds of parts, redistributing them across the world under false ratings does not own our homes. Banks are able to restructure settlements constantly - we are not - they receive billions of dollars enabling them to stay afloat for long enough to steal our homes. Do not let them.

You might wish to watch this video from Chicago:

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