Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Mainstream Media

Occupy Mainstream Media

"The Story is Us, the Media are Us"

Since the 1990, concentration in mainstream media has accelerated with alarming rates, putting corporate interests above those of the people, stifling freedom of expression and threatening the democratic process.

What happened to Media Diversity? What happened to Freedom of the Press? And what happened to the Marketplace of Ideas?

Since Bagdikian published his classic book 'Media Monopoly' in ...1997, the number of corporations dominating media has shrunk from 50 to merely 6 (as of 2010).

It seems that without being warned, we are being herded towards a world where our voices are mapped and our choices are narrowed. This phenomenon, which is matched by similar attempts in Europe, Asia and elsewhere and magnified by parallel attempts to control how the electromagnetic spectrum and geostationary positions are allocated as well the continuous control over the internet, borders on a cheap and bad farce.

If you care about democracy, human diversity and freedom of choice, help us:

1. Uncover and map media concentration in USA, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

2. Make linkages between board members, corporate interests, the media and even politicians.

3. Monitor media bias and unprofessional practices
4. Shame Media’s ‘uncitizenly’ behavior (not acting on behalf of Citizens as a true watchdog on money, power and politics).

5. Roll back this process and empower Citizen Democracy.

Join us! & Occupy Mainstream Media!

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